Smart manufacturers produce consistent, high-quality products to maintain their competitive edge. Parts are produced to consistent, repeatable specs with the aim of continuously reducing defects, waste and time.  Steps that save money and contribute to a healthy bottom line!

Low tolerance hole making and long lasting performance are critical parts of the process, so it is vital to select the correct drill bits to do the job effectively—matching the proper cutting tool to the application will maximize the life of the cutting tool.

Some drill bit length types, like jobbers work well in many applications and are designed to cut holes in many different types of materials like hardened steel such as stainless steel or grade 8 bolts.  Or softer material like aluminum, plastic or wood. You need to match the drill bit or cutter to the material.  TruEdge Supply proudly sells Norseman Drills.  Made right here in the USA.  We can help you find the right cutting tool for the job!

Without the proper attention paid to drill bit and cutting tool selection, product quality and tool life is impacted.  Make sure you are selecting drill bits and cutting tools that match the materials you are cutting.

Focus on quality

When evaluating drill bits, quality is also an important consideration – less expensive drill bits typically don’t last as long.  The geometry, drill bit material and drill bit production tolerances are often less precise and result in holes that will not fall within the specifications required and generally are made from inferior overseas metal and need to be replaced more often – costing more money in the long run.


When used properly, the higher the quality of the drill, the more life you’re going to get out of it.  Ensuring you will produce a better quality product at the end.

With the right cutting tool in hand, operators are equipped to produce clean holes to spec, working more effectively and efficiently while maintaining the high standards your business expects.